Message to all earthlings

Hello earthlings!

My name is Jenny, and I’m also an earthling. We have that in common, you and I. Here’s a drawing of me, so we get to know each other a little better.


I live here:



Planet earth isn’t doing all that well these days, which worries me. It is my home, after all.

We, i.e humanity (or at least some of us), have had about a century of berserk partying. We have done all things fun, like driving cars, burning oil and eating palm-oil marinated steak for breakfast and dinner and… yeah.




We have made a real mess of things, both for the planet and for ourselves.




Even the United States of America, who are overly fond of driving cars and burning oil, are saying it´s urgent that we fix things.




Exactly how we are going to “do something about it” is a bit ambiguous to me. I am SO READY to do something, but I feel the need for some firm ground rules.




Others are also struggling to get a grip on the issue. After all, Climate Change affects every country on the planet. We have to solve this together. The countries of planet earth don’t always see eye to eye on things, which makes it a bit of a challenge to find a solution that works for all.




But we are still trying! Because the alternative… well.. there is none. In December the world leaders will meet in Paris, at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. They will try to negotiate their way to what I hope will be a proper plan for how we can avoid extinguishing ourselves.

(The United Nations Conference on Climate Change is also called COP21, which sound a bit like a police movie)

I am incredibly curious and exited about this. I want to know what’s going on. How are these enormous decisions made? Are they taking care of my planet? Our planet? What will happen during the negotiations? Will I even understand it if something happens? I have the feeling international negotiations can be a bit hard to grasp.




That’s why I’m going to Paris. I want to know what happens (and doesn’t happen) over there. I want to talk with people, observe and experience the negotiations for myself. I want to learn. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m thrilled about what I might discover.

See you in Paris!